Dunbar Re-Vision

The Site | October 17, 2012

This video blog introduces the physical site that is proposed for the Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities senior’s housing project.

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  1. Way to go on raising this important issue.

    Our VisionVancouver Council has in one stroke wiped out the Dunbar vision document, as well as the may others that were developed cooperatively by the City and residents to plan through 2021. The document they brought forward had only 3 days in the public realm before being passed by Council, when all but one resident who spoke at the meeting spoke against the plan.

    Strangely the next agenda item at the meeting was to strike up a task force (yipee, another one!) to find out why citizens are not engaged by the City – Gee I wonder why? Maybe if Vision Vancouver actually listened to citizens who show up at meetings, rather than dismissing them, citizens might actually feel engaged.

    This building is likely targeted to be one of the 20 “pilot” projects across the city. We have seen “pilots” from Vision before – Laneway housing – only 140 or so permanent projects that have damaged resident’s homes for good.

    We need to stand as a community, and fight this building to prevent our neighbourhood from being damaged by yet another Vision “pilot” project, that is in reality a trojan horse designed to break the resolve of the community, and paste our streets with these huge structures

    Its time to stand and fight!


    Comment by Jeff Garrad — October 17, 2012 @ 4:53 pm

    • Hi Jeff,

      We hope we can count on your support. Please talk to all your neighbors and mention this site to them. It is where all our common Dunbar Re-Vision communications occur.

      Additionally, please come to our Town Hall meeting and sign the petition (if you haven’t already been door knocked) and share with us your ideas on what we need to do to get our voice heard by the Vision council.

      BTW, we are looking for people to man our petition signing stations at Stongs, Shoppers, and the Liquor Store on Saturday. Please help.

      Best regards,
      Mike Andruff
      Dunbar Re-Vision

      Comment by Dunbar Re-Vision — October 17, 2012 @ 5:04 pm

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