Dunbar Re-Vision

See What Your Neighbours are Saying | October 28, 2012

The news of the proposed development at the 4600 block of Dunbar is getting out into the community, and most people are very opposed to the project. Here are some of the comments that we have received from concerned residents of the Dunbar community.

See What Your Neighbours are Saying

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  1. Community-building requires the dedication of years and is conducted using the currency of respect for local conditions, culture, and institutions.

    Rezonings in weeks or days, and done only for money, are anything but community-building efforts.

    Thousands of years of city-building, most all of which occurred before the post-WWII “professionalization” of city planning and the introduction of Euclidean zoning, were based–where successful and lasting–on not just the consent but also the participation of the affected neighbourhoods. To this day, the most successful and livable cities still develop in this way.

    What does it say that collaborative city planning in Vancouver, including the West End process in the 1980s and CityPlan (1995-2009), helped to vault the city into the global spotlight as the most livable city on earth? CityPlan was cancelled three years ago, shortly after a former and one-term mayor tried to eliminate all citizen advisory committees. The West End is currently being “re-planned” by and not for rezonings in a far different process than 30 years ago.

    One result is that Vancouver has fallen, sometimes dramatically, in every independent livability and quality of life rating:

    Economist: #1 in 2010 to #3 in 2011 & 2012
    Mercer: #1 in 2001 to #5 in 2011
    Monocle: #8 in 2008 to #20 in 2011
    MonerySense: #5 in 2009 to #56 in 2012
    Conde Naste: #3 in 2005 to #5 in 2012

    How can they all be wrong? What kind of city administration could mess up so badly to be downgraded so consistently?

    And of course, there is also Vancouver’s financial downgrade, both of them, to now one of the lowest credit ratings–AA–of any major city in Canada, with the exception of Montreal! For a new and fast-growing city, this is unconscionable, and went against the trend of significant North American local government credit upgrades since 2010.

    But city governance cannot be judged just by external analysis, no matter how independent or scientific.

    There is not one Vancouver community, residents’, small business, or rate payers’ association that supports what is going on. People are even starting to leave, and not just for reasons of affordability.

    Current municipal policies are hollowing out and bankrupting the city, destroying its resilience, and setting us up for a big fall.

    Let’s hope it is not too late, and meanwhile, let’s DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    Comment by Randy Chatterjee — November 1, 2012 @ 2:18 pm

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