Dunbar Re-Vision

Dunbar Re-Vision Needs Your Continued Engagement | November 25, 2012

The Pacific Arbour (PA) proposal is not yet in the form of a development application, so what’s all the fuss? Aside from the fact that PA have purchased two out of six single family zoned homes (options exist on the other four), should we as a community have any further concern?

The city planning department seems prepared to deal with the  growth challenge using good processes see:Ransford , and the Mayor has done so many positive things for this city, see Mason . Although, Peter Gaskill’s vision see: Jang is hopeful.

Maybe we should all have a chill pill, everyting will be fine in the morning.

The truth is you can’t believe everything you read in the newspaper. Vancouver Vision, like, sadly the NPA, are firmly in the camp of the “developers profit incentive city planning method”. Developers share profits with any party that “can make it nice”.

If after reading the articles (also read comments) cited in this blog , you feel something doesn’t quite square with your intuition, do something about it. Write a comment in the articles yourself (you’ll have to set up an account and confirm it via email to make your contribution). Write both the Mayor and Mr. Jackson, and positively frame your case.

We don’t care for the PA proposal because it is contrary to the Dunbar Vision statement. We request planners and council members understand the Dunbar Vision statement is an excellent and comprehensive public collaboration, and that we as a community wish them to abide by it.

You can let the “other guy” do it, or you can offer your continued engagement.

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