Dunbar Re-Vision

Dunbar Vision Plan Endures as City Listens to Neighbourhood Voice. | March 6, 2013


Today we have received word in the form of an email (below) that city staff have denied Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities proposal for six stories in the 4600 block of Dunbar Street. Here is the email:


I am writing to update you on a proposed rezoning in the 4600 block of Dunbar. You wrote to me with concerns about the proposed height and cost of the units for a six-storey seniors residence. City Hall received the application in December under the Affordable Housing Interim Rezoning bylaw, as part of our efforts to create new affordable housing in Vancouver.

With affordable housing, my goal as Mayor is to see new units created that fit with our neighbourhoods. It is crucial that these new projects deliver a significant level of affordability. Simply creating new housing is not enough to address the very high cost of housing that impacts our seniors, young people, and working families.

City staff carefully reviewed the proposal to see if it demonstrated an enhanced level of affordability. Based on the review of rents, as well as the community response to date, staff do not support the six-storey building proposed for the site. City staff have informed the applicant that they are welcome to submit a revised proposal that better incorporates staff feedback on affordability and input from the community.

On a final note, many people wrote to me claiming that this project was being “forced” on the community, without consultation. The process that has taken place over the past four months demonstrates that every project is reviewed carefully, on its merit, and that the City is strongly committed to ensuring new projects under the interim rezoning policy are affordable and fit with local neighbourhoods.

I hope that you will continue to provide feedback on how we can ensure new affordable housing, particularly for seniors, is built in Dunbar and neighbourhoods across Vancouver. Thank you for your input.


Mayor Gregor Robertson”

We are grateful that the neighbourhood’s voice was heard, and that the Dunbar Vision Plan has again shown it’s value to the community.

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  1. This is a small victory but may be temporary so don’t hold your breath or get too comfortable. It’s no “victory” yet. Actions speak louder than words, and the Mayor & Vision dominated City Council’s actions speak loudly…. Their actions across the City are not in sync with the promises & spin nor do they reflect or mirror them. I’ll believe it when I see it & the actions match those words, in the community and across the City.

    Comment by M.B. — March 7, 2013 @ 7:39 am

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