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Dunbar Re-Vision Needs Your Continued Engagement

November 25, 2012
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The Pacific Arbour (PA) proposal is not yet in the form of a development application, so what’s all the fuss? Aside from the fact that PA have purchased two out of six single family zoned homes (options exist on the other four), should we as a community have any further concern?

The city planning department seems prepared to deal with the  growth challenge using good processes see:Ransford , and the Mayor has done so many positive things for this city, see Mason . Although, Peter Gaskill’s vision see: Jang is hopeful.

Maybe we should all have a chill pill, everyting will be fine in the morning.

The truth is you can’t believe everything you read in the newspaper. Vancouver Vision, like, sadly the NPA, are firmly in the camp of the “developers profit incentive city planning method”. Developers share profits with any party that “can make it nice”.

If after reading the articles (also read comments) cited in this blog , you feel something doesn’t quite square with your intuition, do something about it. Write a comment in the articles yourself (you’ll have to set up an account and confirm it via email to make your contribution). Write both the Mayor and Mr. Jackson, and positively frame your case.

We don’t care for the PA proposal because it is contrary to the Dunbar Vision statement. We request planners and council members understand the Dunbar Vision statement is an excellent and comprehensive public collaboration, and that we as a community wish them to abide by it.

You can let the “other guy” do it, or you can offer your continued engagement.

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CKNW offer Pacific Arbour and Dunbar Re-Vision a Voice

November 22, 2012

The Bill Good Show offered Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities, President Peter Gaskill and Dunbar Re-Vision Spokespeople, Geoff Mynett and Mike Andruff a chance to face-off on his Thursday morning talk show. Here is the soundtrack for this session: CKNW Audio Track

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Does Pacific Arbour Have it All Wrong?

November 18, 2012

Dunbar Re-Vision is just getting warmed up.

   It seems like an excellent opportunity to plant the “seed of doubt” in the mind of the developer.

   A story in the week end Vancouver Sun (see page D8, November 17, 2012 ed.) entitled Boomer homebodies   says most people hold onto their homes into retirement.  Further, the article cites Statistics Canada that suggests  only about 2.6% of the population 65 and over was living in residences for seniors citizens. 

    Boomers are concerned about their kids, as well as the economic climate, which may help understand their reluctance for moving out of the family house.  Mr. Doug Norris, chief demographer at Environics Analytics,  says, “a new trend developing is downsizing to condominiums but doing it by moving to the suburbs so Baby Boomers can be close to grandchildren”.

    Now this was a Toronto based article. On the Westside, add in the element of vacant, land banked properties, held by offshore investors, and the numbers start degrading.  Let’s say that  Dunbar has 4,500 houses (remember a significant number of these are investment properties).  At best, this will presently supply a 90% occupancy for Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities (the math goes like this 2.6% of 4,500/130 proposed units).  Add in the process of time, as the aging Boomer population continues to follow their children out of the city, and we start to see the folly of an ill fated seniors development proposal stuck in the paradigm of life in the 80’s and 90’s.

     This is not to suggest that the community does not need a seniors care facility. We can all agree that this would be the compassionate approach to helping seniors in their twilight years. Sadly, the developer’s view is that there is no profit in care facilities. But the question we have to ask them is, “Do you have the right profit numbers in your proposal?”

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Rally on the Unhappy Planet – UPDATED

November 16, 2012
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This was a popular sentiment at the rally

There was a great turnout at the rally. Grassroots protesters came from all across Vancouver to show that they want to have a voice in community planning.  Thanks to everyone who came out to City Hall to make the rally a success. Here is a sample of the event as it happened:

Some of the local media have published their stories on the rally.

Story on CityHallWatch

Story in the Vancouver Courier

Story on TheHotWire

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“We want the grass roots to have serious voice at City Hall”, Mayor Robertson.

November 10, 2012

Today we have a city council that denies public consultation on its recent interim rezoning policy.  But, they didn’t always  think or act this way. Here is  Mayor Robertson days after his election in November 2008 explaining that community input matters to him:

It is fair to say, pulling this one out of the video vault (credit to Randy Chaterjee) creates rather bad optics for Vancouver Vision . Should their integrity be called into question, at this point? This Council needs to do some ‘splaining. Please share this message with your neighbours.

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The Rally Mailer

November 9, 2012
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Downloadable version: Rally4

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The Picket Line

November 8, 2012
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No one wants to be on a picket line. It’s an “I’d rather be anywhere, but here” kinda experience. But for those who are committed to their principles, it has to be done. When a Vancouver Vision council wants to stiffle communities’ voice from densification plans, you’ll see pickets.

                                                                                                      picture by @The99tweets

If you plan to come to the “Give Communities a Voice” rally on Friday, November 16th on the City Hall steps, 453 W.12th Ave., at 12:30 sharp, why not make yourself a message poster?

If you wish, you can copy the Stop Vision poster seen above. These attachments may require you to tile and tape the image together.



Faces of a Community

November 7, 2012
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dis·crim·i·na·tion – prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment

When people use discrimination based on where people live, or how old they are, or if they own or rent, they are merely trying to demean. This is unfortunate and unnecessary, but we hear of it often in the media, or in the political process, as one side endevours to gain advantage over another.

In the end, we are all just people, we are alike in more ways than not. Those who would use this tactic, do so with method. It is the “divide and conquer” technique. If we as a community, rise above this tactic, and unite ourselves, respecting eachother, recognizing we have the same concerns, we will take back the advantage.

Here are the faces of our community. Here are their concerns.

If you feel like we do, join our “Give Communities Voice” rally on the steps of the City Hall 453 W. 12th, at 12:30 on Friday, November 16th, 2012. We need the Vancouver Vision council and the planners to see the results of their decisions. We need to show them the Faces of Our Community.

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Where is Public Consultation?

November 6, 2012
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One of our neighbours found this image and passed it on to us. Enjoy.

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They Just Don’t Get It

November 1, 2012

 They Just Don’t Get It.

There have been a number of tweets, letters to editors and most recently comments by the media that the Dunbar ReVision protest is about one six storey building for seniors. It isn’t. It is about the trashing of the established community plans for balanced development across the city without any consultation, without any notification. It is about the City Council reneging on commitments made to the communities that city planning would be guided by those community plans. It is about imposing – with only three business days notice- an interim rezoning policy for density on the communities that when implemented will completely change the nature of the city. It is about the city-wide failure of the City to explain and justify the interim rezoning policy. It is about an attack on the concept that communities and neighbourhoods should have a say about their community. It is about their taking the community out of community planning.

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