Dunbar Re-Vision

@PacificArbour Update – They are not going away!

December 23, 2012

While our posts have slowed through December, we have been busy behind the scenes. Here is a 30 second movie made for broadcast to the community:

Pacific Arbour have $4,475,000 reasons (the cost of their two acquired properties to date) why they are not going away. Earlier this month, they submitted their Letter of Enquiry to the City. They expect to submit their application for rezoning in early February 2013.

As a community, our time is short to prepare our position with respect to this development. We have numerous committees organized to addess our concerns.

If you want to make a difference, sign up on the volunteer list (top right corner of this page) on this website, or call 604-264-7444.

Response from the Mayor

November 28, 2012, we corresponded with Mayor Roberston to address our concerns about the Pacific Arbour proposal. December 20, 2012 we received a reply from Connie Pavone, Mayor’s Office, stating the Mayor was not available to meet with us, and that we should direct comments and/or concerns to Brian Jackson, Director of Planning and Development.

In fairness to the Mayor and his council, we are ahead of the rezoning application in voicing our concerns. However, recognizing 2012 Vancouver Courier, Newsmaker of the Year was neighbourhood dissent, and that Vancouver Vision has even placed social housing under fire, can we expect a fair shake in 2013? The Mayor and his Vancouver Vision dominated council, in 2012, repeatedly placed the developer’s interest ahead of the communities’ interests. If you care about livabilty in Dunbar, and want to be a be a part of what it becomes, make a new year’s resolution to join the Dunbar Re-Vision group.