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Dunbar, Vancouver, We have a situation.

February 10, 2013
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Over the last several months we have seen some very aggressive moves by the City Council. It started with the Mayor’s Taskforce on Affordable Housing. Next, we’ve had the Community Centre Association funding fiasco. Perhaps the nub of the community’s sentiments may be seen in this memo sent to the Mayor on February 4, 2013.

“I am a member of Kerrisdale Community Centre. I have been going to the Senior’s Centre since 2004 and I sing in the Kerrisdale Seniors choir which performs at care homes all over the City. I’m also enrolled in yoga as I have severe arthritis. I started going to Kerrisdale Community Centre as a teenager in the 50’s and with my children in the 60’s and 70’s. What can you be thinking about (you and your council) you were elected to manage the taxpayers money (its not YOUR money) and make the right decisions for us – your rezoning plans stink to high heavens and brings suspicions that you are in bed with the developers. The latest grab at the Community Associations just beggers believe. Are you a Vancouverite for everyone or just for the cyclists and the developers. I am nearly 76 years of age so at no time will I be going down town on a bike, I don’t want 7 storey independent care homes on Dunbar – where people will pay a huge amount of money for a one bedroom suite and 3 meals and when their money is gone (from the sale of their house) they will be thrown out to look for community funded intensive care – do you care – I think not – and now the carry on with the Community Centres especially Kerrisdale which has been mainly paid for by the tax payers of Kerrisdale and surrounding areas. I remember my parents talking about an extra charge on their taxes to pay for the Kerrisdale Arena so where does the idea come from that that the Parks Board/City owns it – the City may have a 1/2 interest in it, but no more – our extra taxes paid 1/2 and now part of all our taxes are paying the costs for it. Kerrisdale Community Centre pays a huge amount of the costs from members and activity fees. As for Ms. Ballem and Mr. Bromley I’d sure love to have a job that pays over $300,000.00 a year. I worked from I was 16 until last year when I was 75. I never made more than $3500 a month so I’m not a rich west sider. Please wake up – I don’t’ know how you got elected last year but you’ve really set the cat among the pigeons now and I know you won’t be elected again if you keep on this path.”

Anne Monahan

@MayorGregor Happy Fourth Anniversary!!

December 10, 2012

(Credit to Rand Chaterjee for shooting this video, and the Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV) who organized a gathering of 400 people at Heritage Hall in 2008 to help celebrate the first Vancouver Vision victory. Vision had committed in writing, to support community based planning, but since that time they have betrayed the public trust.)

As we recall, Mayor Gregor was ebullient in his high praise for neighbourhoods back in 2008. It was music to the ears of all who would listen. But how have things been in the last four years? Can we say that the neighbourhoods have had their say?
It turns out with respect to land use issues, with the exception of the casino proposal, that the neighbourhoods have had to fight, with out success, every project passed through council.
But, perhaps things are soon to change. @MayorGregor and Councillor Reimer have set a new task force into motion. It is called the Engaged City Task Force. Additionally, and more recently, when he talks to his peers he uses language like, “I am concerned that these proposals are being considered in the absence of full public input”

This assuredly, will be the neighbourhoods’ salvation. Just as it has been for Dunbar. Of the hundreds of letters sent to the Mayor and Council regarding the Pacific Arbour proposal for the 4600 block of Dunbar Street, including the Dunbar Re-Vision request for a meeting, nary a reply was received.

What part about, “Serious Voice” were we to believe? Surely you can’t be serious? See: RAMP   WEN   ARCA   Norquay  Yaletown   Strathcona       Mainlander   FCRA   SHPOA    KennCedCot   Calm   CCAP   DTEast   KARA   CHW   DR

Happy anniversary Mayor Robertson.